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Panama real estate is one of the healthiest and dynamic real estate markets in the world. Panama real estate offers much more than the vibrant, bustling Panama City. In fact real estate in Panama Province is some of the most sought after in the country. Panama's great variety--ocean real estate with sweeping vistas on both coasts, mountain property in lush tropical cloudforest and farms in the charming foothils--Panama real estate offers something for everyone. From luxury properties to cozy cabins, the interior provinces provide a wide variety of choices to both single family home buyers and large scale investors.

Whether your interest is in development or investment land on the Azuero Peninsula and Veraguas or the little boom town of Pedasi, Boca Chica's bequiling bahias of the "Lost Coast", the lovely mountain homes of Boquete in the Chiriqui Highlands, the unique rural charm of Cocle and Chiriqui Province and its provincial capital of David or a hideaway on the Caribbean in Bocas del Toro or Colon, our staff brings a wealth of knowledge, years of experience and vast local knowledge to help you make an informed decision about your Panama real estate purchase.Bookmark 
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Information about owning a home in Panama,investing in Panama property, lifestyle choices in Panama, Panama News, and other items of interest to those considering Panama as a place to live or invest.

Air Panama Jets are Landing at David Airport

All the buzz about David's Malek airport expansion and what it will mean to Chiriqui Province has folks in the travel, tourism and real estate industries here very excited. Today we witnessed the Air Panama jet doing "touch and goes" in and out of Malek airport...

Sam Taliaferro Passes Away

The Panama real estate industry has lost one of it's best. Sam had a vision for Chiriqui Province and through his efforts propelled our area forward...

Flights from Tocumen to David--Finally!!!

Any one who has ever flown into Tocumen (Panama's international airport) and made the connection to Albrook(Panama's domestic airport) knows the headache and expense this little connection involves...

David Airport Expansion Contract to be Awarded

This is very good news for Chiriqui as we have been awaiting the promised expansion of our airport with high hopes for travel and tourism in this province that already has so much to offer...

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Panama Fishing Reports Coming Soon

The Azuero Peninsula is comprised of the provinces of Los Santos, Herrera and part of Veraguas. Long considered the area of Panama richest in culture and tradition, the Azuero remains ‘home’ in the hearts of many Panamanians long transported to the big city. It is in the Azuero that the festival of ‘Carnaval’ is celebrated the vibrantly centered in the towns of Las Tablas and Chitre.

Azuero Peninsula Until very recently, the Azuero was infrequently considered by foreign investors or potential expatriate residents. No more. Now it is the focus of rather frenzied attention, due in no small part to the purchase of coastal land by world-famous celebrities. Breathtaking beaches, abundant sea life and picturesque little towns like Pedasi have put the Azuero on the investment map.

Historically, the peninsula has been a cattle farming region, often to the detriment of the land here. Certain areas are considered almost desert-like because of the vast deforestation that has taken place to make room for cattle. But the Azuero is a big place—about sixty miles wide and fifty miles long—with plenty of green hillsides and lush coastline unscathed. Land prices in the Azuero have been rising dramatically in certain areas; while in others remain amongst the most reasonably priced offerings in the entire country.

Azuero Peninsula Spanish colonists settled the Azuero in the 17th and 18th centuries and many small towns boast colonial churches and a legacy of Spanish architecture in their tile-roofed homes. The region’s clay soil is still providing roof and floor tiles used throughout the country. But the peninsula’s history extends far further back boasting archeological excavations that reach back 11,000 years—some of the oldest sites found in Central America.

Fishing, surfing, diving, and whale, turtle and bird watching are some of the attractions for the nature lover in the Azuero. The National Marine Park of Coiba is the richest and most pristine marine park in the Americas and a must-visit for any lover of the sea. Isla Iguana, just off the coast near Pedasi, boasts 35 underwater acres of a wide variety of coral and fish species. Horses are very big in the Azuero with events throughout the year showcasing the high-stepping Paso Finos as well as quarter horses and thoroughbreds.

On a practical level, the peninsula offers excellent roads and good access to the many beautiful beach areas. Two local airports, in Chitre and Pedasi, provide both charter and domestic flights. Chitre and Las Tablas have large, modern grocery stores as well as movie theaters, banks, hospitals and other city services.

Azuero Peninsula Lastly, the ambiance of the area is striking for its leisurely pace and quietude. Many have characterized the Azuero as a step back in time. It is a place of great gentleness in spite of the drama its geography presents. Its citizens are amongst the most welcoming and open in all of Panama and seem to take a particular delight in sharing their love of their region with newcomers.

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